The network is provided from the sky, which makes it possible to build a broad service area of 200km in diameter, and even provide network connectivity services in the sky.
By using the latest communication technology, HAPS and on-ground cell sites can use the same frequency without interference. For this reason, existing smartphones and IoT devices will work with a HAPS network.


HAPS will use 2 radio wave link directions.
A Feeder Link is used between the ground gateway and the HAPS aircraft, and a Service Link is used between the HAPS aircraft and mobile devices on the ground.
For these links, two different radio waves will be applied. The Feeder Link uses the straight advancing high frequency bandwidth and the Service Link uses bandwidth which is available for existing devices.
We will provide services with a structure of
non-interference with existing ground stations by using the appropriate frequency bands of respective countries and regions, including new potential frequency bands for 5G.
HAPSMobile has been participating in WRC (World Radiocommunication Conference) held by the ITU to coordinate the available use of frequency bands for HAPS communications.


HAPSMobile will offer a base station incorporated into the aircraft to telecommunications operators worldwide as infrastructure.
It can be deployed on top of the existing cell phone infrastructure of each carrier. In case multiple operators exist in an area, it is possible to provide a whole aircraft to a single carrier or share one aircraft among multiple carriers.

Mobile Carriers

The main business model for HAPSMobile will be the leasing and sales of HAPS aircraft, and also the maintenance and operation of the system.
Our goal is to foster a connected society and bridge the digital divide by collaborating with mobile carriers around the world.


HAPSMobile uses the same frequency as the one from the on-ground cell site, so current smartphones can be used without any upgrade. No special device is required to use maps and share photos while mountain climbing or outdoor events in the rural areas.


A completely different world that creates new possibilities and new value is about to come thanks to devices and sensors that are all connected to the Internet. IoT sensors are collecting data for agriculture and dairy farming to analyze production management based on scientific data. HAPSMobile will support IoT telecom standards to accommodate various IoT solutions.


With drones flying above, photos and videos are shot from the sky, delivery services have launched, and construction sites are improving productivity by calculating volumes. Many other drone services are about to begin. HAPSMobile can provide stable network connectivity from the ground up to the sky, supporting future drone businesses.


Telecommunications infrastructure serves as a critical lifeline in the event of disasters. With HAPS, we can continue to provide reliable network connectivity, even if ground cell sites are taken down by massive earthquakes, storms or tsunamis.

Area Coverage

HAPSMobile offers a variety of services for people to enjoy communications. One HAPS system operates as a cell site with radio coverage of 200km in diameter, which allows carriers to deliver telecommunications network connectivity in specific areas at low cost.