Connecting Societies
Around the World

HAPSMobile will establish a new
infrastructure to create a society
where people and things are
connected around the world,
with our leading technology

HAPS will lead
information revolution

We will continue
to open up the future
to provide a reliable network.


Located in the stratosphere is the telecommunication
platform, HAPS. (High Altitude Platform Station)
HAPSMobile will build next generation telecom
system here in the stratosphere. Weather is mild
throughout the year with little change in the
windspeed. This allows HAPS a stable flight possible.
HAPS can provide low-latency communication since it
is much closer to the earth compared to GEO and LEO


The network is provided from the sky, so it is possible to build
service area of 200km in diameter, or service area in the sky.
By using the latest communication technology,
HAPS and on-ground cell site can use the same frequency
without interference. For this reason, current smartphones
and IoT devices will work with HAPS network.


Wingspan : 78 meters
Cruise Speed : 110 km/h
Flight Duration : Several months
Battery : High energy density Lithium ion


HAPSMobile use the same frequency as the one from the on-ground cell site, so current smartphones can be used without any upgrade. No special device is required to use maps and share photos while mountain climbing or outdoor events in the rural areas.


A completely different world creating possibilities and new values is about to come where devices and sensors are all connected to the Internet. IoT sensors are collecting data for farming and dairying to analyze production management based on scientific data. HAPSMobile will support telecom standards for IoT to accommodate various IoT solutions.


Drones flying in the sky. Photos and videos are shot from the sky, delivery services have launched, and construction sites are improving productivity by calculating volume with drones. Many other drone services are about to begin. HAPSMobile can provide stable network from the ground up to the sky, supporting future drone businesses.


Telecom infrastructure will serve as a critical lifeline when facing disasters. With HAPS, we will continue to provide reliable network even if the ground cell sites are down by massive earthquakes, storms or Tsunami.

Area Coverage

HAPSMobile offers variety of services for people to enjoy communications. One HAPS operates as a cell site with radio coverage of 200km in diameter, which allows carriers to deliver telecom network in specific area with low cost.


The main business model for HAPSMobile
will be leasing and sales of HAPS,
and also maintenance and operations of the system.
Our goal is to create a connected society
without digital divide by collaborating
with mobile carriers around the world.


With HAPSMobile,
one HAPS can provide network coverage
for specific “out-of-service” area,
to improve any rural area coverage with several HAPS,
and to migrate to next generation network
easily and at a low cost.
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HAPSMobile Inc.
Established December 21, 2017
Headquarters 1-9-1 Higashi-shimbashi,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7303 JAPAN
and CEO
Junichi Miyakawa
Research, development, operation
and management of solar HAPS
and network devices
Core network building,
management and operation
Acquisition of frequency for solar HAPS
Business development using solar HAPS
Initiatives to Achieve SDGs
Today's challenge will be tomorrow's normal