Today's challenge
will be tomorrow's normal

With its leading technology,
HAPSMobile will establish
new infrastructure to create
a society where
people and things are
connected around the world.

HAPS will lead the Information Revolution

We will continue to pioneer the future
and provide reliable connectivity.


HAPS (High Altitude Platform Station) is
a telecommunication platform located
in the stratosphere. HAPSMobile will build
a next-generation telecommunications system in this space.
Weather is mild throughout the year
in the stratosphere
with little change in the wind speed.
This allows HAPS to fly with stability.
HAPS can provide low-latency communications since
it is much closer to the earth compared to GEO and
LEO satellites.


Our stratosphere-based communication
platform uses an unmanned aircraft system
that continuously flies in the stratosphere
as a ground station,
delivering connectivity
directly to mobile devices.
This technology can be achieved
by advances
in the development of
solar power generation
and storage battery systems,
as well through
enhancements of telecommunications technology.


HAPSMobile will be able to realize services
that are easy to use at a reasonable costs.
Single aircraft can cover a no-service area,
and multiple aircrafts can enhance
the coverage of suburban areas.
The aircraft can even support
the migration from 3G to LTE or 5G.


In order to achieve our goal of offering
Internet services to more people,
places and
things all over the world, HAPSMobile and
Loon established the HAPS Alliance.
The Alliance is expected to
develop standards
and advance the HAPS industry by working together
with the world leading companies.

HAPSMobile Inc.
Established December 21, 2017
Headquarters Tokyo Port City Takeshiba Office Tower,
1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7529
and CEO
Junichi Miyakawa
Research, development, operation
and management of solar HAPS
and network devices
Core network building,
management and operation
Acquisition of frequency for solar HAPS
Business development using solar HAPS
Initiatives to Achieve SDGs